Bassline Tennis


Tennis Lessons for Schools.

We currently operate from a number of schools in Lincolnshire.

We currently coach from 6 schools but are always on the look out for more. Schools tennis is a great opportunity to get as many kids playing tennis and experiencing the game of the first time. 

Primary & Secondary School Tennis Lessons.

Primary school children soak up information like sponges. There are so many sports available to children these days that some children can go their entire lifetime without picking up a tennis racket… we at BassLineTennis intend on changing that. Secondary School tennis has a great deal to offer the children, not only in taking up the sport but for those who already play. There are a number of different tennis leagues that secondary schools can enter where schools pick their best players and pit them against others to see who comes out on top.
For more informations on Schools Tennis Lessons by Bassline Tennis, download our presentation below.